Friday, June 4, 2010

Garden Fresh Tomato Sandwiches

Since summer is coming up and one of my most favorite things about the summer are Fresh Tomatos straight from the garden.  I thought I would share these 2 recipes that I have to eat at least a hundred of when the tomatoes start comin.  The one is basically a BLT but without the B&L. The second is a grilled cheese but with fresh tomato put on after it is cooked.  So simple, so yummy!

Sandwich 1
Fresh Garden Tomatoes sliced (yes they have to be fresh from the garden, it makes a HUGE difference)

Toast that bread as desired.  Lightly spread mayo over warm toast so it melts slightly.  Pile as many sliced tomatoes as high as you can fit, sprinkle with salt, top with second slice of toast.  Gorge! Don't mind the tomato juice running down the chin. LOL  (of course you can change this sandwich around like any recipe, you could add anything to this, basil, oregano, spinach, cream cheese instead of mayo etc.)

Sandwich 2
Make a grilled cheese, hopefully you know how to do that!
After it is done, open up the sandwich and  place fresh garden sliced tomato's on the cheese and put sandwich back together.  Of course you could cook the tomato with the cheese but I like the hot and cold affect from the hot sandwich with the cold tomato.


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