Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coconut Poke Cake

So I'm on a coconut kick right now!  Coconutty and gooey and delicious!

1 white cake mix or you could try chocolate
1 (14 oz.) can cream of coconut (NOT coconut milk)
find in the mixed nonalcoholic drink section
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (16 oz.) package frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 (8 oz.) package flaked coconut, I prefer mine toasted

Prepare and bake white cake mix in a 9″x13″ pan according to package directions.
While it is baking, toast the coconut in a skillet over medium heat, stirring frequently, until browned or in the oven. Set aside. Mix the cream of coconut and sweetened condensed milk together in a bowl and set aside.
Remove cake from oven and immediately poke holes all over the top of the cake. Pour the cream of coconut mixture over the hot cake–it will soak in through the holes.
Let cake cool completely,then frost with the whipped topping and top with the toasted coconut. Keep cake refrigerated.


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