Friday, June 7, 2013


If you've read the book Born to Run you will know about this drink.  It actually tastes really good and the chia seeds are so packed with omega's, protein and antioxidants that give you extra energy.

From Macheesmo

4 c. water
2 limes juice only
1/4 c. raw chia seeds
1/4 c. agave, honey or sugar

Add the lime juice and water to a small sauce pan and let it heat up. Once it is steaming (no need to boil it) add in all the chia seeds. Stir them up really well. They might stick together some, but that’s okay.

Simmer for a few minutes and then add the agave nectar and continue to stir it.
Stir this all together really well for a minute or two and then stick it all in the fridge to cool down.

Once the drink is cool, you’ll notice that most of the seeds have settled and all the seeds are partially dissolved.


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