Friday, April 4, 2008

My dinner ideas

I always grocery shop off of a list. I usually jot down some dinner ideas and then shop for those items needed to make those dinners. However, I don't plan a menu because my schedule is so crazy that we would never stay on track with a menu. Some days all I have time for is to heat up a frozen burrito or something really healthy like that. Ha ha! But anyways, when I do cook in the next few weeks, here's what we'll be having.

Crockpot Southwestern Chicken
Chicken pitas
Beef pot pie
Chicken tetrazzini
Lemon chicken broccoli alfredo (Shawna's recipe I think)
Smoked sausage skillet
Halibut with shrimp sauce

Let me know if you want me to post any of the recipes. That's all for now....


Curt and Shawna said...

so you're a fish fan? I didn't know that. I want to know your recipe for Beef Pot pie. Anytime in the next few weeks is fine. thanks!

Chris and Jen said...

We have tons of fish that we need to eat that Chris caught when he went to Alaksa. That's why we have fish twice on the menu!

The Riddoch's said...

i would love to know the recipes for your southwest chicken, chicken pitas, and sausage skillet if its not too much! thanks for the dinner ideas!

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